Thursday, June 26, 2008

More cherry tree nonsense

The Advocate website has the latest article (no longer available) in their 5000-part series about the EVIL DECEPTICON DESTRUCTION of the cherry trees in Mill River Park. There’s nothing new in the article, just like there’s nothing new in the inane comments posted below it; it’s just the same usual blathering about “How dare they destroy Stamford’s heritage??”, “This will only benefit people in the Trump building,” and “Why do they keep trying to make Stamford into a mini New York?” (A stupid phrase that BlogStamford railed against.)

Some highlights, followed by
my comments:

“More and more Stamford natives are leaving their hometown because of the urban spread which continues even after people attend meetings and are opposed to it.” Urban spread? They’re building on brownfields and empty lots, not spreading out!

“There are ways to keep our city from getting more and more traffic due to the high-rise building sprouting up all over Stamford.” WRONG! High-density development will decrease traffic. Sheesh.

“The only one benefitting from this mess is the Real Estate crews and contractors that the City always hires to mess things up.” Um…how about the people who will enjoy a revitalized Mill River Park? Some people just have to make everything sound like a plot to put money in politicians’ friends’ pockets.

"I have yet to hear a reason why a world class, ecologically sound park centrally located in the center of the city is a worse alternative to a poorly maintained pocket park lining a concrete pond that is a vestige of a no longer relevant industrial past.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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