Monday, August 31, 2009

CT Grown

After visiting the Dutchess County Fair this weekend and seeing tons of local produce, I'm not going to air my usual complaint about what other places have that Stamford doesn't. Instead, I'll highlight ways you can buy some local produce, including some grown right here in the Nutmeg State (though I don't know if you can buy local nutmeg).

BuyCTGrown is a website where you can search for local produce, farmers' markets and pick-it-yourself farms. My favorite part is the listing of what's in season and where to get it. Frustration does set in, however, when every search results in a bunch of hits to the north and east, but a big ol' blank spot down here in the FC.

For fans of Community Supported Agriculture, the closest distributor is in Larchmont, so you might not get CT-grown produce, but it's at least fairly local. Their website is

Maybe we can turn the hole in the ground into farmland!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Time to dust off those pan flutes

The good news: there's another food festival coming to Stamford! Flavors of PerĂº 2009, which bills itself as "the biggest Peruvian gastronomic festival," will take place on September 4 & 5.

The bad news: tickets are $95 each!! Yowza!

The worse news: it's taking place at the Stamford Marriott, everybody's least favorite hotel.

Having scaled the heights of Machu Picchu, I will gladly attest to my affinity for the people and cuisine of PerĂº, but I can't drop $95 at the moment. Now if they're willing to throw a press pass my way in exchange for this free advertising...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Warm and crusty

I just finished reading a A Year in the Merde, a very funny book about a Brit living and working in Paris. When he returns to England on vacation, he laments that he has to buy mass-produced bread from a supermarket after enjoying the availability of fresh baguettes at boulangeries on every corner of Paris.

What's my point? Well, much like everything else I see, read or do, I started thinking about how this applied to Stamford, in this case sparking my desire to find fresh-baked bread right here in town.

So I turn to you, faithful readers, for help. Where can I get good bread in Stamford, from soft white to grainy whole wheat to crusty sourdough? I know we have a number of bakeries, but how many of them make bread? No more bread shipped from Bangladesh for this guy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

New restaurant, moved restaurant, and dancing across town

The place that used to house Cafe Margot is getting a new tenant: Tabouli Grill. I'm curious to see how exactly they plan on grilling tabouli.

Tawa, the indian restaurant at the foot of High Ridge Road, is either moving or opening a second location on Summer Street, in the old Ocean 211 spot.

And, finally, Maria Fiora's dance studio is moving from Hillandale Avenue (near Stamford High) to a new location on Summer Street above Ferrante.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

GalanGONE :(

On the way to Alive @ Five yesterday, I saw a very sad sight.

Galangal, my one-time favorite Thai restaurant, is no more. The carved elephants no longer guard the entrance, but there was an odd note in the outdoor menu box saying that "Galangal is now Ocha" and listing Ocha's address and phone number.

I'm not sure whether to chalk this one up to the economy, a bad location or another unknown factor. However you slice it, it sucks to see another restaurant close.

Never Mind the Sugar Ray, Here's the Jerry Springers

Alive @ Five had a special musical guest. I'll just let the video speak for itself. Just remember, you saw it at first!!

Head on down to Camp Crystal Lake!

Jason Voorhees' mother is coming to Stamford.

JASON VOORHEES' mother is coming to Stamford


You can keep your DeNiro and Pacino sightings. I can't wait to have a little Q&A with Betsy Palmer!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let the pizza wars begin

Hmm...while the Stamford Pizza Tour was counting down to their favorite pizza, The Advocate opened a poll to determine the "popular pizza vote," and the results are in. Here's the article, and here's perhaps the greatest image to ever grace the internet. Let's just say that it gives new meaning to the term pie chart.