Sunday, November 29, 2009


In the past two days, I've gotten two odd spam comments. It's strange that someone took the time to go on my humble little blog and post this stuff. Even stranger is that they posted in what appears to be Japanese. I ran the posts through Yahoo! Babel Fish and came up with this:

H the sociable place of the human wives, also the association which is divided naturally OK! In combination with the [ero] human wives of frustration to the taste, it introduces. Same the wife, [serebu], the ripening woman and the SM wife, secret, please meet, play young from the genre of or more six and choose the like woman

I'm not sure, but I think it's offering me the opportunity to pick a secret S&M wife from a choice of six or more young women. Um, wha...?

It is the guide of the sideline where 1 day 50,000 Yen ~ enters into the hand. The [serebu] woman of the man deviation eats the man who knows each other with the net one after another by power of the gold and scattering and others has done. It doesn't try making the large sum such a woman for the beanbag?

It starts off with something about money, but then it goes and brings cannibalism into the mix. Besides, everybody knows you can't just trade your wife for a good beanbag chair nowadays.

Very odd. I'll post more of these if they come up. In the meantime, I'm heading to Western Union to wire money to my long-lost relatives in Nigeria.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Great Shop-Rite Caper

I was reading the public notices in the paper the other day to see if any abandoned glue factories were on the foreclosure market so I could buy one and use it as a base from which to launch my overly elaborate plot to take over Stamford - a plot that would be foiled by either Batman or a bunch of meddling kids - when I saw this interesting notice:

The area in question is the Grade A Shop-Rite on Shippan Avenue, and the owners have received approval to change its zoning from a C-N or "Neighborhood Business" to a C-B or "Community Business."

I called the Zoning Department and left a message inquiring about the difference between the two, but got no response.

What can this mean? Will Grade A succeed in its diabolical scheme to sell mind-controlling produce? Will the Dynamic Duo of Pavia and Tarzia save the day??

Tune in next week...same Streets time...same Streets channel!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Everybody's Fine, starring...Stamford!!

Here's the trailer for Everybody's Fine, the new movie starring Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale & Sam Rockwell. As I'm sure everybody knows by now, parts of it were shot right here in Stamford. DeNiro reportedly grew quite enamored of Remo's pizza while he was in town (and with good reason).

In case you blinked, here are some screen shots featuring the City That Works.

Our beloved train station...did they actually cover the platform sign or did they change it in post-production?

The east side of Summer Street, just north of Main Street (across from the former Twenty).

Somewhere around Park Square West. There's no mistaking that fa├žade.

This movie looks pretty good, so go see it at the Avon's special sneak preview next Thursday at 7:00.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

There's a new sheriff on the Streets of Stamford

...and I don't mean Mike Pavia.

Please say hello to Maxwell Alexander!

He was born November 7, 2009, in Stamford Hospital.

As you can imagine, I'll be out of the loop for a little while. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Disney buys Marvel Comics, Marvel Comics blows up Stamford

Did you ever want to see Stamford get blowed up real good like the trolls who used to pollute the Advocate's Topix boards did? If so, check out this trailer for the new video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

A Timeless Journey, the comic store on Summer Street, also made a cameo appearance in the big Marvel storyline where Stamford goes boom. Come to think of it, maybe this is how The Hole was really created, and the government covered it up...

Bonus: They did a nice job replicating Stamford High School!