Friday, August 30, 2013

The other (w)hole in Stamford

Now that Port Chester has a Whole Foods, every town and city on the New Haven Line's main branch from Port Chester to Milford has one, except for Bridgeport, Stratford, and oh yeah, STAMFORD.  We're only the second-biggest city in Connecticut, for crying out loud.  Even Danbury has a Whole Foods!

The traffic whiners killed the proposed Whole Foods at Bull's Head, so I hope that someday a big, multi-use downtown development will incorporate one, kind of like the one at City Center in White Plains.  While they're at it, we could use a state-of-the-art movie theater, an arcade, and a bowling alley.  What's that?  New Rochelle has all of those things in one place?  WHAT THE HECK??  Is there an evil tycoon keeping Stamford from enjoying things other cities have, like Cohaagen withholding air from the people of Mars??

"A minor-league baseball team?  In Stamford??  BAH!"

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Food + TV = two more chances for you to be famous!

I guess that state tax credit is working, since I'm getting casting call notices left and right!  Here are two more of the culinary variety...and if you get on either of these shows, make sure you tell me about it!

1) Food Network's hit show "The Worst Cooks in America" is back!  We're looking for the worst cooks in America to compete to become the most improved and win big money!  Casting immediately!  If interested, email  Tell us why you (or the person you are nominating) are the most disastrous cook in the country.  Include your name, the nominator's age, hometown, occupation, phone number, a recent photo of the cook, and your relationship to the cook.  The more information about the horrible cooking, the better!

2) Now casting for an awesome new show where high-end chefs compete for a chance to transform your favorite decadent dishes into healthy culinary masterpieces.  In this exciting show, chefs with a passion for healthy high-end cooking will battle it out for a chance to change the way you eat.  We are searching for people who dream of a healthy menu makeover - whether they are struggling with weight, nutrition-related issues, or have a family member they want to keep healthy.  For more information, please visit

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Want to be on TV? Now here's your chance! And your other chance!

I got word about two casting calls in our area, so if you're looking to get famous, date Taylor Swift, and then have Taylor Swift write a song about you, one of these shows might be your big break!

1) Do you work in finance in Fairfield County? Are you between the ages of 22-35 and out-earning all of your friends and living a fabulous lifestyle? Do you have a big personality and are open to having some fun? A leading television production company is seeking men and women ages 22-35 for a new reality series focused on people in the financial scene in and around the Stamford, CT area. If you or someone you know fits this description, we want to hear from you! Please send a few lines about yourself and your job, along with a photo to

2) Does your man’s strange obsession drive you crazy? Is your boyfriend or husband’s entire life consumed by something that you can’t stand? Does he play fantasy football or go to the gym for hours at a time? If you're about to walk out the door on your man, contact We’re looking for couples, gay or straight, where one desperately needs the other to change. If you have drama, we want to hear about it!