Wednesday, May 14, 2008

R.I.P. Stamford Whole Foods/The South (End) shall rise again!

In the latest news from the “Why doesn’t anything ever get built in Stamford?” File, NRDC has withdrawn its application to expand Lord & Taylor and build a Whole Foods. The Advocate article (no longer available) doesn’t give their reasons for doing so (they declined to comment), but it might have been due to the “uproar” over the increase in traffic that a Whole Foods would cause.

Listen people, we live in a dense city where no one carpools and no one takes public transportation. Traffic is not going to get better unless A) people start to carpooltake public transportation or (gasp!) walk, B) they impose rules limiting who can drive on which day (i.e.: odd/even license plates), or C) the zombie holocaust finally happens and everyone dies. Until then, it’s going to take time to travel between certain points in the city. Deal with it!!
The traffic whiners won’t be happy until they make Hope, Bedford, Summer, High Ridge, Long Ridge, Tresser, Broad, Washington, and Main into 8-lane highways.

In other news…the Antares South End revitalization project, Harbor Point, seems to finally be getting underway. I spotted this activity down on Canal Street:

I think it’s the warehouse where Stamford Paintball used to be, or maybe the rock-climbing place. This massive project is a great example of how cities can reuse and revitalize post-industrial areas that were providing no tax revenue and, in many cases, polluting the environment.

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