Monday, May 11, 2009

Where should I eat for my birthday?

My birthday is coming up at the end of the month (hence the national holiday), and my lovely wife wants to take me out to a nice dinner to mark the occasion. However, I'm having a hard time deciding where to go!

My first instinct is Napa & Co. because they're just so good, but I also like trying new places. I have yet to visit Market, Columbus Park Trattoria and Capital Grille, among others. I'm also tempted to try Union League Cafe in New Haven, consistently rated the #1 or #2 restaurant in the state, or Ibiza, famous for amazing Spanish food.

What does everybody think?

PS: Telluride? Chez Jean-Pierre? Siena?


bobking said...

Telluride, hands down favorite restaurant in Stamford

JR said...

Oh yeah! I forgot about Telluride. And Chez Jean-Pierre!

Anonymous said...

anyone tried Thai Chi- the new name for Plateau?

Anonymous said...

I think Butterfield 8 has opened recently. Early indications suggest that it is a nice place to celebrate a birthday.

JR said...

When I walked past BUtterfield 8 on Friday afternoon, I saw them putting the finishing touches on the place. I look forward to checking it out; we could use an upscale lounge/bar (at least until the blueshirts and meatheads take it over). I'm really looking for a great meal, though, not a celebration place.

Always Home and Uncool said...

My Love and I both like Columbus Park very much, though her once having the hots for a waiter there may have clouded her judgment.

Finally went to Napa & Co. Big thumbs up except for the extra fatty veal chop was only OK. And they'll give you a free glass of champagne if you tell them it's your birthday when making the reservation.

Anonymous said...

if you picking the best resturant in the's Valbella in Greenwich. the food is amazing, the service is great, and you are likly to see someone famous.

Whitemist said...

Butterfield 8 is open (they did a soft one with no advertising). My report gives it a very nice place, but it is a bar. Probably not difficult yet.
Teluride is always nice.
Columbus Park I have had difficulty giving recommendations for because of some bad experiences, however I had a chance to be there with the Coffee cupping group and they were generous, so I no longer will say anything bad.
Chez Jean-Pierre, I have always loved.
There is also Aura just down from Columbus Park.
Nappa is fine, always.
Market, not that impressive.
Capital grill, some hits some misses, so not on a birthday.
There is also Emmi of Capri on Summer, which can be very nice. Italian.
There is also the new Zody's at the Golf course.
Mono Lisa.
My final choice would be Duo as a very good.
So as a choice for a birthday?
Napa, then Teluride. After that it gets more interesting, and not that easy.

Jessica Cegelske said...

I'd recommend Union League Cafe. Although, it's been awhile since I went there, from what I recall it was excellent...and you know what exquisite taste I have.

anne said...

Telluride and Chez Jean Pierre are my husband's and my favorites for birthday/anniversary dinners. I don't know why I haven't been swept up into all the Napa love, but I wasn't really impressed the couple of times I went there.

JR said...

Always Home: Thanks for the tip/warning. Columbus Park is out! :)

Anonymous Valbella fan: Valbella sounds pricey to me...I'm looking for nice, but within reason. Thanks though!

Whitemist: Wow - thanks for the list! I feel like I'm zeroing in on Napa.

Mr. Z said...

If you want to cross the state line, the Tarry Lodge in Port Chester has been getting pretty good reviews.

Anonymous said...

try Curley's Diner if you really want to push the boat out

JR said...

Mr. Z: I took my wife there for her birthday! It was fantastic, and for a great price.

No thanks on Curley's. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Just had dinner at the new Zody's at the golf course. It was great but not for a celebration meal. The tables were full of families and couples in their 40' & 50's....nothing wrong with that. It is much more of a burger, sandwich and nacho place, a regular friday or sat. night place. The bar was packed when we left the dining room about 11 PM. Can't see fine dining, bottles of wine or intimate talk in this place.

Mr. Z said...
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Mr. Z said...

JR: That's good to hear because my wife is taking me there tomorrow for my birthday.

In Stamford, I'd choose Napa everytime. I prefer it to Telluride, Market, and Columbus Park. We stopped in and ate at the bar on Friday. Excellent, as always.

patty said...

If you're looking for an experience on par with Napa, my vote is for Rebecca's in Glenville (Greenwich). The food is stellar, the wine list is outstanding, the atmosphere is top-notch.

I hear The Schoolhouse at Cannondale is also quite good but cannot personally vouch for it.

Columbus Park is a fine restaurant but in my estimation it's not quite at the level you're looking for.

I like Capital Grill quite a bit. If you're looking for a steak, I'd choose it over Morton's. But, the next time I get a hankering for a steak I'm going to try Joseph's in Bridgeport.

Hope this helps!

Stamford Talk said...

My best bday meal ever was at Rebecca's- loved it. Very fancy!