Monday, July 27, 2009

Allow me to clarify my earlier Napa post

OK, just to dispel any further confusion or controversy, Bill Taibe is leaving Napa & Co., but you can bet your delicious burgers that the food at Napa will not suffer one iota. Some people may have taken issue with my flippant post title, but as a person who loves food, I would never disparage my cheese-sampling friends.

So, please, put away the pitchforks and torches. I didn't mean it!


patty said...

I wouldn't sweat it. Introduce yourself to Mary and Charlie the next time you're in. Good peeps.

Anonymous said...

despite it being an unintelligent and insensitve post, I am sure they will forgive you....

Busty St. Clair said...

Way to hide behind an anonymous post. Coward.

Streets of Stamford said...

OK, let me settle this once and for all. I LOVE NAPA. The burger is incredible and their cheese selection is amazing. (I'm not a wine guy, but the floor-to-ceiling wine rack is, to say the least, impressive.)

Again, I love the place.

My post about Bill Taibe leaving was tongue-in-cheek. I know that they would never hire the next person in a chef hat to walk in the door.

Do I need to go and eat there to prove my point?? FINE, I WILL.

But remember, people, when I'm eating all that delicious food - YOU MADE ME DO IT!!