Sunday, November 29, 2009


In the past two days, I've gotten two odd spam comments. It's strange that someone took the time to go on my humble little blog and post this stuff. Even stranger is that they posted in what appears to be Japanese. I ran the posts through Yahoo! Babel Fish and came up with this:

H the sociable place of the human wives, also the association which is divided naturally OK! In combination with the [ero] human wives of frustration to the taste, it introduces. Same the wife, [serebu], the ripening woman and the SM wife, secret, please meet, play young from the genre of or more six and choose the like woman

I'm not sure, but I think it's offering me the opportunity to pick a secret S&M wife from a choice of six or more young women. Um, wha...?

It is the guide of the sideline where 1 day 50,000 Yen ~ enters into the hand. The [serebu] woman of the man deviation eats the man who knows each other with the net one after another by power of the gold and scattering and others has done. It doesn't try making the large sum such a woman for the beanbag?

It starts off with something about money, but then it goes and brings cannibalism into the mix. Besides, everybody knows you can't just trade your wife for a good beanbag chair nowadays.

Very odd. I'll post more of these if they come up. In the meantime, I'm heading to Western Union to wire money to my long-lost relatives in Nigeria.


StamfordNotes said...

I've been getting those since maybe August. I like the ones that feature a long string of Japanese characters with (for instance) the word "peaches" popping up mid-stream. I can't get behind the cannibalism or beanbag wife swap, but I support their pro-peach stance.

JT said...

My blog is overrun too. Time to flip on that "type out this phrase" to post feature I suppose.

Scott said...

Looks like we shut off anonymous posting before it got fun.

To think, I just thought I was avoiding the ALL CAPS tirades of old, disagreeable, Colony-loving knuckle draggers.

Stamford Talk said...

Oh yeah major spam hitting me too... must we go to word verification? I'm still so fond of that funny eggplant spam I got this summer though. I read it occasionally when I want a smile and have it memorized.
"ooo i am an eggplant super fan. i want the spicy eggplant soooo badly right now. with rice. here i bought a sauce packet so as to skip the seasonings i will make it after work friday."