Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Need some ugly clothes? Head on over to H&M!

Just in time for spring, H&M at the Stamford Town Center has all your ugly clothing needs covered!

Remember that classic from 1997 that looked like a cross between a Members Only jacket and a bomber jacket? They were all the rage with that Kirk Cobain and his band, Melvana, and they're back in style (at least according to the buyers at H&M)!

Do you admire the fashion sense of one Dr. Cliff Huxtable? You do? Then I've got some good news! Now you, too, can wear a sweater that makes blind people puke and gives sighted people seizures!

Maybe you're from Greenwich and got lost on the rough, gritty streets of Stamford on your way back from a polo match in Westport. Slip on the snappy number below and you'll be loitering in Veterans' Park in no time!

Speaking of streetwear, remember Cross Colors? They were in style for a two-week period in 1994, sandwiched between Malcolm X hats and L.A. Raiders gear. Well, thanks to H&M you can relive the best two weeks of your life!

Don't worry ladies, H&M hasn't forgotten about you! Check out this fake leopard-print jacket - guaranteed 100% synthetic and 100% flammable. I dare you to wear it without any irony!

But wait! There's even something for the kids! That's right - hurry in and get your daughter some purple short shorts with a sparkly silver belt!



Anonymous said...

LOL!! This post was too funny. I wonder if I should venture out to H&M to see if this is really true.

StamfordNotes said...

Love it! Well done. I plan to wear the sparkly belt with my new leopard coat and accessorize with irony.

Anonymous said...

Funny post. I remember wearing clothes like this in the 80's! Looks like the fashion designers ran out of new ideas!