Friday, July 2, 2010

Falafel free-for-all

Since I'm already stuck in a love triangle with the falafels from Layla's and Tabouli Grill, I figured I might as well turn it into a love octagon by trying all of the falafel in town. Stamford Talk and the Stamford Pizza Tour have kindly offered their assistance in this monumental and delicious task.

Here's the list of places I can think of that serve falafel - did I miss any?

J&D Deli
Layla's (downtown)
Layla's (High Ridge)
Sweet on You Cafe (in the JCC)
Tabouli Grill

We'll try them all and then crown one undisputed falafel champeen of the world!! Or at least of Stamford.

And the title belt would say falafel, not waffle.


Whitemist said...

I will join you on this!

Stamford Talk said...

yay, can't wait!

orville said...

Laylas and Myrnas do it for me with laylas having the edge. Taboulli Grill is good but location sucks. prefer downtown location of laylas whihc is why i go there. Fez I have never tried and thought it is more Moroccan that anything else..

Streets of Stamford said...

Joey - shoot me an email so I can fill you in on the details!