Monday, January 30, 2012

Great, more $2500 apartments

I've ranted before about the never-ending parade of luxury apartments being built in Stamford, but I guess nobody's listening.  With Park Square West, converted office buildings, the horribly-named "Summer House," more housing at Harbor Point, and whatever will rise from the former Advocate site all in various stages of gestation, there won't be a shortage of places where granite-counter-loving UBSers can live and laugh at the rest of us.

Being the well-connected blogger that I am, I managed to get an exclusive list of amenities that some of these new developments will offer:
  • personal horse stalls for Arabian stallions (included)
  • hand-woven Egyptian cotton sheets, plus real Egyptians to re-weave them while you're at work
  • in-house Starbucks with delivery
  • full-time shoe shine on each floor
  • weekly visits from local celebrities: Bobby Valentine, Bennett Salvatore, Justin Long, John Mayer
  • free unlimited use of rooftop helipads
At least Angela Carella knows where I'm coming from: Who is welcome to the 'new' Stamford?

Don't even get me started on BLT's blatant disregard for the city's rules.


StamfordNotes said...

You better hope those UBSers are still around to laugh at us - remember how they almost left us? And I think we all decided - that would be bad...

PS - now that I'm back in the land of the living, so nice to read your rants! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Well, show me a city in the northeast building high density - steel, concrete and site work intensive construction that offers rentals that are 'mid priced' or not luxury? It costs 10% more to build so called luxary while it commands a 15% rent premium...and so, thats how it goes.

If you want cheap, check out that office conversion to apartments on the corner of Summer and North Str. Seems to me the developer recognized that they had nothing more than a 'B' class building given the exterior and so's your chance!

PS - still enjoy your blog

Anonymous said...

All while Highgrove sits empty.

The Classic rents have dropped 30% vs 2009/8.

A TON of supply is coming on from the South End developments, Yale and Towne etc

UBS and RBS layoffs hot a fever pitch. (UBS has also moved several hundred employees to NYC)

NBC is kinda the saving grace but their employees are not in the same paygrade.

Bottomline..Increasing supply + Dropping Demand = Lower Prices to come..mark this post.

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH...TRUMP is at about 20% OCCUPANCY according to my sources. They are trying EVERYTHING to not lower their sales prices but it ain't working.

Stamford Talk said...

The Arabian stallions made me LOL. (Oh geez am I really using LOL now?)