Thursday, March 15, 2012

Completion nears on Chelsea Piers

I was fortunate enough to have a hard-hat tour of the new Chelsea Piers Connecticut sports complex, which is set to open in July.  It's a super-busy construction zone with lots of banging, cutting, and welding going on everywhere you look.  Once everything is in place and the paint is dry, this is going to be a very cool place.  Here are some of the highlights I saw:

An Olympic-sized swimming pool...

...with a moveable bulkhead and adjustable depth at one end.

The field house, which will hold a 100-yard turf field, a track, and two basketball courts.

Eleven singles squash courts...

...and one doubles squash court.

The tennis building, which will hold seven courts.

And...wait for it...the coolest thing to hit Stamford since I started this blog...


Chelsea Piers CT will also have two NHL-sized rinks, a café, a restaurant, a daycare center and pre-school, gymnastics and cheerleading lessons and competitions, batting cages, and my other favorite feature: a trampoline room!  That's right, a room where the floor and the walls are covered in trampolines!!  Trampoline dodgeball alone is worth the price of membership.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the place is great, and I hope they're successful, but does it bother anyone else that they call their kids programs "CP Kids?" Honestly, when I first saw that, I thought they were offering a camp for kids with cerebral palsy.

Streets of Stamford said...

Oh, man - I hadn't even noticed that. Yikes!