Friday, August 3, 2012

Ups and downs

Going up: an installation about VHS tapes at Franklin Street Works.  From September 6-October 14, come check out VHS: The Exhibition.

I'll let FSW explain: "Artworks will be accompanied by ephemera from 80's-era home video culture, such as the glitchy computer-generated, anti-corporate corporate spokesman Max Headroom, to give a broad perspective on the cultural shifts created by this technological phenomenon in entertainment, life, and art."

As a movie buff who grew up in the heyday of the VHS tape, this exhibit is a nostalgic trip for me.  I still have a ton of VHS tapes, most of them horror movies I bought from the local mom-and-pop store that was crushed by Blockbuster in the 90s.

In other news...coming down: Saltwater Grille and the office building connected to it.

Hey, maybe they're clearing a permanent home for Melt Mobile!

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