Thursday, October 18, 2012

Go wild at Rodizio Grill!

OK, so you've been to Rodizio Grill and tried the maminha (tri-tip sirloin).  You've tried the picanha com parmesao (sirloin with Parmesan cheese).  You've even been adventurous and tried the salad bar.  Looking for something new to try?  Well, you're in luck because October is Wild Game Fest!

This is your chance to try rattlesnake-rabbit-jalapeño sausages, Kurobuta (Japanese wild boar), and bison chili!

Left: Linguica (Brazilian sausage), available year-round.
Right: The aforementioned and delicious rattlesnake-rabbit-jalapeño sausage.

Now, you'd better hurry in because once Halloween hits, Wild Game Fest is gone.  Heck, the bison chili is so popular that I didn't even get to try it!  Maybe they'll whip up a fresh batch just for me.  Rodizio guys?  Anyone?


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