Thursday, February 7, 2013

First look at Spazzio's replacement - TOMᾹTO TOMÄTO

My source from the local pizza paparazzi (pizzarazzi?) sent me these exclusive spy pictures of the new restaurant that has taken over the former Spazzio space on Shippan Avenue.
Now with umlauts!

As you can see, TOMTO TOMÄTO is not just a pizzeria - it's also a pour house, a fact reinforced by the presence of something my classically handsome source calls a "bar":

My source, a witty and articulate writer, also tells me that TOMTO TOMÄTO plans to make a lot of dough.  How, you might ask?  With this:

No standing here!  My clever, well-read source tells me that TOMTO TOMÄTO has seats.

My rakishly good-looking source tells me that people in the pizza business call these "ovens."

But these are ÖVËNS.

My overall first impression is that it looks like a pretty nice Remo's-style pizza joint.  It'll be a welcome addition to an area that is underserved by pizza-flingers.  And umlauts.

PS: Biagio Express update: I had their ciabatta sandwich with veal ricotta meatballs, roasted red peppers and olive oil, and Parmesan reggiano.  It was delicious - and HUGE.  The ciabatta in question was probably about a third of a loaf!  You should definitely come down and check them out.


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