Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My mayoral endorsement

The Stamford electorate has been clamoring to hear who I'm endorsing in the upcoming mayoral election, so here ya go.  To help me decide who to pick, I sent the set of questions below to both the Martin and Fedele campaigns.

1) What steps would you take to earn your place in Stamford history as the mayor who finally filled in the infamous "Hole in the Ground"?

2) How would you promote smart urban initiatives such as walkable communities, bike lanes, mass transportation (including the possibility of light rail), etc.?

3) Do you have any intention of trying to bring a minor league baseball team to Stamford?

4) I think Stamford needs a first-class entertainment complex (like New Roc City, only nicer), so if you agree, how would you go about attracting such a development?  On a related note, the Majestic movie theater is a one-story building in the densest part of downtown Stamford; would you promote redeveloping that site into a taller mixed-use building that still housed a movie theater?

5) Stamford has plenty of affordable housing for the lower-income people, but how would you keep Stamford affordable for the middle section of the income range?

6) Metro-North has built additional stations in Fairfield and New Haven while Stamford has debated the construction of the East Main Street station for years.  What would you do to move this project along?

Their responses:

Martin: ______________________________.

Fedele:  ______________________________.

I didn't forget to type their answers - they never responded.  Not even a "we'll get back to you as soon as possible" auto-reply.

So as a result of this blatant snub of my mildly popular local blog, in the 2013 Stamford mayoral race, Streets of Stamford is endorsing...Mayor Goldie Wilson!  He cleaned up Hill Valley, so I'm sure he'll do the same for Stamford.

Feel free to voice your opinions of Mayor Goldie Wilson in the comment section, but keep it civil.


Scott said...

Done and done. He's as good a candidate as anyone.

hubbardheights2002 said...

Looks like you spoke a few hours too soon with regards to the hole in the ground, except it's going to be Pavia that gets the credit ;)

Brite Mist said...

i unfortunately know the democrat and seen him in his inaction, Fedelle i do not know, so your candidate nomination is good with me, i have to say, i am sorryTong did not get the democrat non, i have seen him in action and was impressed.