Saturday, November 15, 2008

BUtterfield 8

After the Bradford's horror show, I was so happy to get the well-written, professional 2008-09 Stamford Downtown directory.

Something interesting that caught my eye is
a "coming soon" listing for a BUtterfield 8 restaurant at 122 Bedford St., the old Temple Bar. From looking at their website, BUtterfield 8 seems like a pretty classy yet reasonably priced American cuisine restaurant that will compete in the same arena as Telluride, Market and g/r/a/n/d.


Mr. Z said...

what's the website?

Jonathan "JR" said...

I linked to it in the post, but I'll make it more prominent.

Stamford Talk said...

I hope the prices of the new place are a SMIDGE cheaper... oh what am I thinking, this is the FC. For real, I never go to the places you mentioned- grand, Telluride, or Market, because they are too expensive for anything other than a special meal. And I go to Napa for that!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I went to Butterfield 8 and were terribly disappointed. The service was good, but the food was awful, overpriced, and the lettuce was yellow.

We left a huge tip for the waitress because she was good but did call over the manager to let them know how our experience went - we made it clear we were not looking for any comp, or otherwise, but wanted them to know (having just opened) that the food was sub-par. This manager insisted I give him my cell number so that he could arrange for a dinner for us in order to reconcile our bad experience. After his constant insistence we agreed... but he never bothered to call. Another disappointing restaurant in Stamford.