Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stamford vs. New Haven Part 2

After visiting New Haven again recently, here's a short follow-up to my original post comparing the City That Works and the Elm City.

While we all love (or at least like) our fair city, New Haven wins on two more counts:

Secret Societies

They've got Skull & Bones; all we have is the Illuminati that the trolls on Topix believe control everything in Stamford.


This is The Blue Pearl, a fondue place on Court Street in New Haven. As a fondue newbie, I didn't know what to expect when my wife and I went there with friends. Wow. Not only is their $35 four-course fondue-for-two a great value, everything was de-friggin'-licious. Fondue is also a lot of fun; it's more a social event than a meal. We were there for a good two hours talking and dipping (and occasionally dropping).

I know there's a Melting Pot location in Darien, but I would like to see fondue (as well as some other non-Italian options) here in town.


So to update the score from the original post, it's now New Haven 8 - Stamford 2 (3 if you count Jobs).

We still win, thanks to being #4 on Forbes.com's list of livable cities! Woo!!

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Anonymous said...

New Haven wins in the pizza wars too.
They have two or three great places beyond the two biggies on Wooster Street.

What do we have besides Colony?