Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zody's replacement

Saw this on Atlantic Street in the former Zody:

Wait, that's not an Italian restaurant! What's going on here?? The Stamford restaurant mafia will
not be happy, nor will Fiesta, another Peruvian place just on the other side of the Palace Theater. We might have a good old-fashioned Inca battle brewing. Stay tuned.


Mr. Z said...

Don't worry, the restaurant mafia can still enjoy Zody's. He just moved up to the E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course.

Zody's 19th Hole

-Mr. Z

Stamford Talk said...

What WAS Zody's? I never went. What was it like?

Very odd to have a new Peruvian place right by the old one! Glad you pointed it out, as I have not actually left my home since... Saturday?

Whitemist said...

I was not impressed with Zody's, a bit too heavy on the rosemary.
Others in my party enjoyed it.
It was a lower end (?) Italian.

patty said...

Huh. That was quick for Zody's. Less than a year?

Mr. Z said...

Zody's on Atlantic Street was definitely open longer than a year, I can recall eating there in the winter of 2007.

Zody's was fairly basic Italian restaurant. Nothing notable, and in a sea of Italian options downtown, it was fighting an uphill battle.

Lenny said...

Please don't cut Zody short.
HE, and the food made the place.
It's not always the food, but the atmosphere, and Mr. Zody made you feel like family. We will follow him everywhere.