Monday, June 8, 2009

Tough times in Greenwich

Insanely wealthy Russian oligarch + lack of style and/or scope + the people of Greenwich = pure comedy.

New York Magazine has an article about a ridiculously huge mansion that this billionaire Russian guy is trying to build in our frou-frou neighbors' backyard.

Here are some of the specs from the original plans: "At its center would be a grand hall served by a bifurcated, lyre-shape, Titanic-style staircase and topped by a three-story-high glass dome. In inclement weather, a mechanized retractable shield would cover the dome. The basement would house a theater with a full bar, a billiards room with another bar, a Turkish bath, a Finnish bath, a massage room, a salon, a wine cellar, a game room, and two staff suites." Yow.

According to the article, the locals were worried that he was going to be throwing huge parties (26 toilets). I think it's a little bit of xenophobia mixed with a whole pile of mansion envy: "If it's bigger than mine, I don't like it."

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Whitemist said...

NO, the big problem was the leaky infrastructure and the treatment plant couldn't handle that much waste! They close beaches after a half inch of rain now, with this addition they will be closing them on a quarter inch!