Monday, August 31, 2009

CT Grown

After visiting the Dutchess County Fair this weekend and seeing tons of local produce, I'm not going to air my usual complaint about what other places have that Stamford doesn't. Instead, I'll highlight ways you can buy some local produce, including some grown right here in the Nutmeg State (though I don't know if you can buy local nutmeg).

BuyCTGrown is a website where you can search for local produce, farmers' markets and pick-it-yourself farms. My favorite part is the listing of what's in season and where to get it. Frustration does set in, however, when every search results in a bunch of hits to the north and east, but a big ol' blank spot down here in the FC.

For fans of Community Supported Agriculture, the closest distributor is in Larchmont, so you might not get CT-grown produce, but it's at least fairly local. Their website is

Maybe we can turn the hole in the ground into farmland!


Anonymous said...

new place opening on Atlantic st. next to Atlantic Pizza. Its going to be half organic supermarket and half smoothie/ice cream shop. spoke to one of the employees who claimed it was opening this friday...

StamfordNotes said...

Another good one - not 100% sure they deliver to Stamford, but good produce to be sure:

Streets of Stamford said...

I checked out both of our local farmers' markets yesterday, and there was no comparison. Bartlett Arboretum had three lonely tents, though someone said it was the last day of the market. The one in the former Tower Records plaza had about a dozen vendors selling everything from fruits and veggies to salsa to pies to God's greatest invention: bread. I picked up a loaf of the renowned pain de campagne from Wave Hill Bakeries...and let me tell you, its reputation is well-deserved. Next week I'll pick up something from the Beldotti Bakery table. They had a bunch of delicious-looking choices.

I'll make this a foodie town sooner or later!!