Thursday, August 13, 2009

Warm and crusty

I just finished reading a A Year in the Merde, a very funny book about a Brit living and working in Paris. When he returns to England on vacation, he laments that he has to buy mass-produced bread from a supermarket after enjoying the availability of fresh baguettes at boulangeries on every corner of Paris.

What's my point? Well, much like everything else I see, read or do, I started thinking about how this applied to Stamford, in this case sparking my desire to find fresh-baked bread right here in town.

So I turn to you, faithful readers, for help. Where can I get good bread in Stamford, from soft white to grainy whole wheat to crusty sourdough? I know we have a number of bakeries, but how many of them make bread? No more bread shipped from Bangladesh for this guy!


Amanda said...

Go to the New Canaan Farmers Market on Saturdays and get some of Beldotti's artisan bread (NOT sold in their store).

Other than that, we've only got the Pain de Campagne found @ Mrs. Greens.

Post Chester has Kneaded Bread and a couple other places that bake their own bread.

StamfordNotes said...

From the imaginary bakery that I've constructed in my head on Bedford in one of the many many many empty storefronts.

Anonymous said...

Remember the lovely bread bakery at Bull's Head that limped along for a year or so and then closed? Apparently it didn't get enough community support to survive, so it's not surprising that no one else is taking that kind of plunge.

Beldotti's at Newfield Green sells some okay loaves. I like the ciabatta.

mr overnight said...

City Limits has a takeout bakery of breads cooked on site. Scrumptous.

Wave Hill Pain de Champagne also available at New Wave seafood store.

best bread in area at Sono Bakery in s. norwalk

Streets of Stamford said...

StamfordNotes: I know that bakery! It's right next to my imaginary cheese shop. :)

Mr. Overnight: Thanks for the tips! I'll probably check out City Limits first, since parking in SoNo is a pain.

amy cee said...

Beldotti bakes a great baguette and multi grain loaf which are both on our shopping list each week. Stamford's best bread baker we've found; have to be early to get the baguette, or call the day before to reserve yours.

StamfordNotes said...

More yeast for your feast: