Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Cablevision: You suck

First, Cablevision took YES Network off the air over money. Then Cablevision took HGTV and Discovery off the air over money. Then Cablevision took ABC off the air -- during the Oscars -- over money. And now Cablevision has taken Fox 5 and My9 off the air over money. Hmm...what's the common thread here? Yeah, it's Cablevision.

Why do they keep doing this? Maybe they want to challenge BP's title of Most Hated Company in America.

Whatever the reason, as soon as another TV provider becomes available in my neighborhood, I'm dumping Cablevision just like I dumped Prodigy as my Internet provider last year.

My favorite part of Cablevision's stupid ads is how they're blasting Fox for wanting more money for the same service while, at the same time, forcing their costumers to pay for their stupid digital boxes and providing no additional services in return.

Cablevision: Ruining the television experience (and the Knicks) for decades.


Always Home and Uncool said...

DirecTV, my friend. DirecTV.

Anonymous said...

Or no's possible too, you should try it.

Streets of Stamford said...

Always Home: We can't get DirecTV in our building. I think we're on the wrong side or something like that.

Anonymous: I know this is going to sound weak, but we honestly don't watch that much TV in my house. Our cable bill is about $18 a month. I just can't stand the BS from Cablevision year after year. (I will admit that we love Netflix's streaming service via the Wii.)

Hates Cablevision! said...

So Cablevision pays themselves more for MSG and MSG Varsity than they do for all 12 Fox Networks...sounds fair. Sure, they'll agree to binding arbitration as the Provider, but when they are the programmer like with MSG they won't. Try getting MSG HD on your Fios or DirecTV. Just a bit hypocrytical? FOX may be being too greedy this time, but when you're wrong 98% of the time you don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Can't wait to go back to DirecTV!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. Vote with your feet, people.

Anonymous said...

I would live to drop cablevision but I actually like to watch News 12 and MDG varsity stuff =- otherwise I wuld get direct TV, especially after Cablevision made all of my cableready TV's worthless without a cable box.