Saturday, May 28, 2011

The circus is Fairway!

Yes, I know I mention Fairway a lot, but seriously, have you been there yet? They have more cheese than most stores have everything!

Anyway, head to Fairway next Wednesday and you can have 10% of your purchase go to support the Big Apple Circus! Not coincidentally, the Big Apple Circus will be performing again this year at Mill River Park from June 10 - July 4.

But back to Wednesday from noon to 10 PM, you'll see face painters, strolling performers and clowns roaming the aisles and entertaining everyone!

Let's just hope this clown doesn't show up. **SHUDDER**


Always Home and Uncool said...

Yes, Fairway has a gazillion cheeses, but why don't they ever seem to have samples out. Been there four times, never seen a sample plate. I think they'd sell more (and expand people's palates) by doing so. I mean, that olive oil bar cost me $35 when my wife liked one of those so much.

BTW, I checked out the Fairway spirit shop for beer. Decent selection, but everything was a few bucks more than BevMax and their selection is just as wide, if not wider.

Theresa said...

They may not have samples out, but the guys behind the counter are more than happy to give you samples if you're not sure what you want or want to try something new. Though that doesn't help for cheeses that are in the refrigerated cases.

(Longtime lurker, first time poster - thanks for all the Stamford info!)

Streets of Stamford said...

Though Theresa is correct that they'll give you a sample of any cheese you want to try, I agree that they should at least occasionally put out some toothpick-impaled cheesy goodness.

Thanks for posting, Theresa! Glad to have you.

Anonymous said...

Fairway rocks for allowing people to kind of camp out by the olive oil and dip all day until they slip into an oily coma. Did you check out the cattle ranchers this past weekend? That beef was really amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that clown is Creepy McCreepster

Anonymous said...

I saw the cattle ranchers hawking their Hereford beef. It was mighty tasty. There is just something really nifty about old guys in cowboy hats.

Streets of Stamford said...

Ah yes, the olive oil bar...I've already decided that I'm having one installed in my future home.

Darn - I wasn't around this weekend to sample the tasty beef!