Wednesday, February 11, 2009

High school basketball: Stamford vs. Westhill

So Kevin and I checked out the Stamford-Westhill boys' basketball game last night. After reading the Advocate's account of last week's sold-out Stamford-Trinity Catholic game, I was kind of disappointed by the lack of energy or school spirit at this game. Most of the kids were talking to each other, talking on their cell phones or texting. I guess part of that stems from Westhill having a terrible year, as opposed to the prior game's matchup of unbeaten teams. Plus, when I was a student at good old Northport (NY) High, every game against Commack was a big rivalry game, regardless of either team's record.

The basketball itself was so-so (though I'm far from an expert on high school sports). Stamford's point guard was speedy and could handle the ball pretty well, two-sport star Chris Evans was quick and strong, and both teams showed a lot of toughness -- diving for loose balls, fighting for rebounds, etc. The scoring started out verrryyyy slowly, but then Stamford kicked into high gear and started throwing down some solid dunks.

The "highlight" of the game was when the stands pretty much cleared out - onto the court - because of a brewing scuffle in the crowd. The cops quickly moved in and pulled one student out of the crowd.

It wasn't as fun as the Stamford football game I saw earlier this year, but if Stamford and Trinity meet again in the playoffs, I'll definitely be there.


Always Home and Uncool said...

I would like to point out to the masses that JR went so far as to purchase a Black Knights T-shirt at halftime and ask about helping with school's booster club. I was waiting for him to volunteer me for the pep squad.

Jonathan "JR" said...

What can I say? I'm a school spirit kind of guy and I like to support our local student-athletes even if I didn't attend SHS.