Friday, February 20, 2009

West Side Starbucks -- really?

Now that we're post-chimp, here's some slightly less unsettling news: they're opening a Starbucks on the West Side in the former Bongiorno's plaza. Here's the Advocate article.

A new Starbucks usually means that an area is already pretty decent or has just turned the gentrification corner, so I'm not sure about this one. There isn't a lot of housing in the immediate vicinity, and the surrounding areas are industrial and lower-income, so it seems somewhat speculative and/or forward-looking.

Speaking to that prospect, the city's economic development director said, "The growth potential on the West Side is ever more evident," which I guess is a good sign. Despite the numerous holes and dead spots, there's only so much land in Stamford, so developers will have to start expanding their reach into the areas where they can actually afford to build, like the South End and West Side.


Whitemist said...

One word, YUCK!
I dislike Starbucks, their coffee and the way they do business. Their teas are not so bad, though.

Stamford, the workin' city? said...

I don't like Starbucks coffee, but I like the concept and enjoy hanging out late night for tes. One on the West side should be interesting, since we have so many and I can't see the need. Just like having 2 in the mall.

Stamford Talk said...

I had the same reaction- Starbucks off exit 6?
a) foot traffic there is not huge
b) car traffic- well, I did sometimes go VAGUELY near that spot when I lived on Southfield and drove back roads to Old Greenwich-
c) I suppose it's just off 95, but I can't imagine commuters pulling off there to get Starbucks- but actually, maybe they will, bc it has a drive through... depends on how easy it is to get on/off 95 I suppose!

I think developers are inspired by how booming the NYSC/Shoprite complex is doing- the one b/w exits 5 and 6 on the Greenwich border. It's in Stamford, but the crowd is a definite mix of Stamford and Greenwich!

Bonnie Kim said...

I love the concept of Starbucks on the Westside because it is exactly what some of the residents and business owners requested. We needed a national brand to bring a service in that would potential bring diverse groups of people together who normally don't engage each other. Starbucks is willing to roll the dice. I like Dunkin Donuts better but Starbucks bring a different flavor. Yes, gentrification is moving forward on the Westside, Southend and ever other corner of Stamford that was used up and tossed aside. The Westside Revitallization Zone members are trying to work in the plan to provide a more positive commercial for our neighborhood. Join us for a chat at Starbucks when it opens. Better yet join us at Carwin Park on Spruce Street this summer for the Third Annual Wednesday Night Concerts and Free BBQ, 7 p.m. Ciao