Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Want to be on a reality show?

You might've seen a notice about a reality show casting families in our area on some other local blogs, but I'm a nice guy so I'm posting it as well. If I had a family and an overworked wife, I'd definitely sign up. She'd get a vacation and I'd get some peace and quiet. (Just kidding, honey. I love you! Now put down the 5-iron.)

BBC Worldwide and a major US cable network is now casting a fun new show that helps to bring families closer together. If selected, your family will receive $2,000 and MOMS GET A FREE VACATION

LOOKING FOR COUPLES in Fairfield County, Connecticut with 3 or more children between the ages of 2-15. Mothers must be STAY-AT-HOME moms who juggle the hectic life of being a wife and mother. A real Super Mom that is ready for some much deserved time off. The show is heartfelt and fun, meant to encourage relationships to flourish.

Dads, here’s your chance to prove that you could do what your wife does around the house!

Casting is underway so email a contact number and brief description about yourself and your family to Tell us why you would be perfect for the show. Include a recent photo and all family members’ names, ages and activities your children are involved in. Families must live in a house.

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