Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eats of Stamford: Egané

Last night, the wife and I ate with friends at Egané on Bedford Street, and I only have one thing to say: WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE EATING THERE????

I had the dolsot bibimbop, spicy pork (or beef, chicken, tofu or kimchi) with vegetables and a fried egg over rice in a hot stone bowl. It was just incredible. (If you get this, make sure you mix everything together! I learned that this is how you eat it when I was already halfway done.)

My wife had yookgaejan soup, which is finely shredded beef, scallions, mushrooms and egg served in a spicy beef broth.

Our friends had the authentic Korean BBQ experience. Take a look at this sizzling pork belly and then get your butt over to Egané!


pastor666 said...

I'm a big fan of Egane and too wonder why it is empty every time I go. I've had much worse Korean food in K-town in Manhattan.
Prices are a bit high for the BBQ, but it's such a wonderful and filling meal that i'm happy to pay it.

Miguel Helsetine said...

completely agree. great place. slihjtly hidden away which makes it not amazing visible..

StamfordNotes said...

You should install the smell-o-vision gadget.

Anonymous said...

Love, love Egane! Finally some recognition. Spread the word. FYI, the Kimchee Jigae is awesome. Especially on a chilly day like today.

Anonymous said...

Where is this place?? I've been looking for some good Korean since I moved here last year, I can't believe I've missed this.

Streets of Stamford said...

It's on the right-hand side of Bedford Street, a few doors past Bradford's. You won't be disappointed!!