Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stamford's best chili

Today was the 2nd Annual Stamford Pro-Am Charity Chili Cookoff to benefit the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and man did I enjoy some delicious chilis! Seven local restaurants and seven amateur chefs competed for the title of Stamford's best chili. Did an amateur pull the big upset? Did Monster B's retain the title? Did anybody bring some cornbread????

Here are the results:

Third place - Benny's Fast Break and their Smoky Chipotle Chili! This chili must be awesome on a Benny's hot dog. It was spicy with just the perfect amount of chipotle, which is overused too often.

Second place - Smokey Joe's BBQ and Ma's White Chili! This was a different kind of chili; it had a white cream sauce as the base (faintly reminiscent of stroganoff) and big chunks of smoked turkey and chicken. It had a very nice kick, which is what I look for in chili.

The winner and new heavyweight chili champeen of the woooooooorld is:
Kathy and John Rattner's Quattro Carne Chili! These now-famous amateurs make their chili with chicken, beef, veal and hot Italian sausage, all stewed overnight. It was delicious, with a different kind of spice from the sausage.

Here's a picture of the proud winners:

(Back row, left to right: Kathy and John Rattner, Smokey Joe's, Benny's Fast Break. My apologies to the chefs for neglecting to ask for their names!)

And to answer my earlier question, yes, several people brought cornbread! Nothing wrong with cornbread...


Always Home and Uncool said...

But were any of them hot enough for you?

Streets of Stamford said...

No, but a 5-alarmer wouldn't have gone over with the general public! Nevertheless, I was able to put my Scoville addiction aside and judge the chilis on taste and kick.

Josh Rattner said...

So I have relocated to Fort Lauderdale Florida. e are having a Chili Competition in Delray Beach on November 16th! Let's see if my Quattro Caner Chili can win again!

Josh Rattner