Monday, June 28, 2010

Pure Mexican Coke!

If you've ever been in another country and had a bottle of Coca-Cola, you know the difference. That delicious cola flavor, the refreshing fizz, the sweet aftertaste - it blows away anything you've had at home. You see, outside of the U.S., they still make Coca-Cola with sugar, not the chemical abomination known as high-fructose corn syrup. HFCS makes U.S. Coke insanely sweet and basically overpowers any actual flavor. Pepsi "Throwback" was Pepsi's attempt to remind us of what real sugar tastes like, but, sadly, it was a limited time promotional stunt.

Now, I don't drink soda very often but I do lean towards Coke, so I was thrilled to see a palette of Coca-Cola imported from Mexico at the Norwalk Costco! In glass bottles, no less! If you've never tried what I call a real bottle of Coke, you're missing out. So find a friend with a Costco membership, split a case of this stuff and enjoy!

The Cos approves!

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