Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fairfield Weekly does Stamford (sort of)

The latest issue of the venerable Fairfield County Weekly has something called the Annual Manual, a listing of cool things to do, see, buy and eat in each town and city in the FC.

Overlooking the spelling and typographical errors, their entry on Stamford is decent. I especially like how they express a thought along the lines of my Blandford post: "Stamford can seem like some cyber-punk dystopia where corporations provide everything and have stamped their logo onto every street." (Yet they say there's a Jamba Juice in every strip mall. Do we have even one of them? Do they mean Robek's?) They then talk about some of the unique things around town like the Avon and Curtain Call.

Their main praise comes for Stamford's dining scene, though it's slightly outdated: they recommend the sandwiches at Ocean 211. They also neglected to mention Napa & Co.! How do you include Brastitas [sic] yet ignore the amazing food at Napa?? And if you ask me, Layla's owns Myrna's eight days a week.

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patty said...

When I read it, I surmised the Weekly took out the '07 version, dusted it off and hit the print button. Kind of a shame - they are capable of much better.