Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stupid Wall Street meltdown

Now it's official: the mess on Wall Street will have repercussions fifty miles to the northeast. An article in BusinessWeek lists the towns that could be hit the hardest by the financial crisis, and guess who's at the top of this unfortunate list? Nope, not Greenwich, but close. It's Stamford's other ridiculously rich neighbor. No, not New Canaan either. One more guess. That's right: Darien!

I've heard that things might get so bad that the Darien police will have to buy a nightstick. Seriously, things are so bad in Darien that Coromandel laid off its low-wage Indian workers and hired former Bear Sterns employees for less. It's so tough that some kids have had to settle for the base model Escalade. A few families are taking drastic steps to cut back on expenses, like going to Aspen for three weeks instead of five. Oh, the tragedy!

Thank you! I'll be here all week. Try the veal.


Irenesbooks said...

That's amazing!

Manager Mom said...

Wives MIGHT have drop down to MONTHLY manicures and facials instead of weekly.

You should take this show on the road, JR. Good stuff, that. I'd buy a drink for you on open mike night, anyway.