Thursday, September 10, 2009

Be kind, rewind!

In a strange coincidence, I stumbled across two video store-related stories, both with a local bent.

The first one starts with a letter from a recent issue of Time (the one with the package of meat on the cover):

Here's a link to the critique he's addressing: Why Netflix Stinks.

Jack Trifero is the owner of Gramaphone Video in New Canaan, and while I've never been to his store, I agree with his view of the video store as a great place to chat with the staff. If you've ever been to MediaWave in Fairfield, you know exactly what he means. The guys there are movie geeks and can always point you in the right direction. The closest thing you get from Netflix is "Based on your 5-star rating of Mighty Joe Young, we recommend Joe Dirt."

However, I have to disagree with Jack's (and Time's) assertion that Netflix is the problem. Blockbuster and Hollywood Video killed mom-and-pop video stores long before Netflix was a player. If anything, Netflix is just the potential final nail in the coffin.

In other news, the former Video Hut may soon play host to some fruits and vegetables, though I'm leery of the idea of renting produce.

Then again, that's what they said about the former Family Dollar on Prospect Street, and nothing has *ahem* sprouted there yet.


Always Home and Uncool said...

Critics Choice in Springdale is the only M&P I can think of in Stamford. And that is one interesting place.

Scott said...

While another sad example of the dwindling small town, mom-and-pop mentality (which I'm not sure has really existed for a good 20-30 years), this is a total non-issue right now. Local video stores have been dead around these parts for many years save for a few anomalies that probably can't compete on much more than the knowledge of the 20-something they've got working the counter.

Scott said...

Incidentally, the family-owned, mom-and-pop establishment with employees who really know their shit is alive and kicking (and coexists with national chains) when it comes to pizza.

StamfordNotes said...

True about Blockbuster. Let's not be too quick to glorify all small merchants - we used to go to a mom n' pop in Greenwich where you had to be a certified d'bag to work there. Not too hard to pick Netflix over that joint.