Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I did on my summer blog-cation

Happy solstice, everybody! Autumn sucks because it's just a prelude to the cold darkness of winter, but here's my end of summer recap:

May was unseasonably cold and wet. I didn't like it, but at least I got initiated into the Stamford Pizza Tour gang.

June was awful - it rained, then Michael Jackson died. The only bright spot was Fairfield County Eats.

July was OK - some rain, but I had a nice 4th and also got to pig out at the Fancy Food Expo in the city.

August was muggy and hot, but at least it didn't freakin' rain every day. Also, Sugar Ray and Jerry Springer.

September has been so-so - it started with even more freakin' rain, but also lots of sun. Lately it's been sunny and kind of cool, which isn't so bad.

Where will autumn take us? Who will be the next mayor of Stamford? Will Congress pass a healthcare bill that both sides don't hate? Will we ever get a cheese shop, bakery or independent coffee house??

Stay tuned, loyal readers!

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Whitemist said...

Independent or even franchised coffee shops do not last in this town. I have seen 4 come and go. Very sad.
Winter I can not stand, fall is beautiful.