Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 90s are back at Alive @ Five!

This summer's Alive @ Five schedule is out, and it's chock-full of pure 90's love! Soul Asylum, Marcy Playground, The Gin Blossoms!?! It's simultaneously cool and kind of depressing that these are all bands that I listened to in college so, so long ago.

Oh yeah, The Beach Boys and George Clinton will be performing too. But forget about them -- I'm busting out my Doc Martens, flannel shirts, and a can of Crystal Pepsi!


Scott said...

Have your fun, I hear that once Alive @ Five ends, everyone's computer is going to crash in a catastrophic fashion the likes of which you haven't seen since 19100.

Streets of Stamford said...

Not to worry - I backed up the 500 MB hard drive of my Gateway 2000 computer using an iomega Jazz drive. I'll email you a link once my 14.4K modem connects to Prodigy.