Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Want to be on a reality show?

You might've seen a notice about a reality show casting families in our area on some other local blogs, but I'm a nice guy so I'm posting it as well. If I had a family and an overworked wife, I'd definitely sign up. She'd get a vacation and I'd get some peace and quiet. (Just kidding, honey. I love you! Now put down the 5-iron.)

BBC Worldwide and a major US cable network is now casting a fun new show that helps to bring families closer together. If selected, your family will receive $2,000 and MOMS GET A FREE VACATION

LOOKING FOR COUPLES in Fairfield County, Connecticut with 3 or more children between the ages of 2-15. Mothers must be STAY-AT-HOME moms who juggle the hectic life of being a wife and mother. A real Super Mom that is ready for some much deserved time off. The show is heartfelt and fun, meant to encourage relationships to flourish.

Dads, here’s your chance to prove that you could do what your wife does around the house!

Casting is underway so email a contact number and brief description about yourself and your family to Tell us why you would be perfect for the show. Include a recent photo and all family members’ names, ages and activities your children are involved in. Families must live in a house.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taste of Stamford and free* lunch!!

This Thursday is the 16th annual Taste of Stamford, presented by the Stamford Chamber of Commerce. Here's the link for more information. I hate to part with $50, but think of all the food!! I need an accomplice, so if any of my blog buddies want to check it out, please email me and we'll do it up!

Hold on a second...forget the Taste of Stamford; I'm going to Bobby V's for FREE* FRIGGIN' LUNCH!!

I just want to know why the pitcher on the right looks like a Rockette doing a high kick...

Friday, February 20, 2009

West Side Starbucks -- really?

Now that we're post-chimp, here's some slightly less unsettling news: they're opening a Starbucks on the West Side in the former Bongiorno's plaza. Here's the Advocate article.

A new Starbucks usually means that an area is already pretty decent or has just turned the gentrification corner, so I'm not sure about this one. There isn't a lot of housing in the immediate vicinity, and the surrounding areas are industrial and lower-income, so it seems somewhat speculative and/or forward-looking.

Speaking to that prospect, the city's economic development director said, "The growth potential on the West Side is ever more evident," which I guess is a good sign. Despite the numerous holes and dead spots, there's only so much land in Stamford, so developers will have to start expanding their reach into the areas where they can actually afford to build, like the South End and West Side.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monkey attack

BlogStamford was the first member of the local blogging cabal to post about the monkey attack here in the CTW, but here are a few more accounts:

From the Advocate: Chimpanzee shot and killed after attacking woman in North Stamford

From WCBS-2 NY (with video!): Bizarre Animal Attack Rattles Stamford

The criminal simian was Travis, who was previously infamous for tying up downtown traffic in 2003.

I love monkeys, but they belong in the jungle, not in your home. I don't understand why people insist on keeping wild animals as pets -- and then they can't believe it when the animal goes nuts. There was a story a few years ago about a pet TIGER that bit off a 5-year-old's arm. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? IT'S A TIGER! After Seigfried and Roy's tiger mauled one of them, Chris Rock had this to say: "That tiger didn't go crazy; that tiger went tiger!"

Of course, my thoughts and prayers are with the unfortunate victim, who's fighting for her life at Stamford Hospital as of Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

High school basketball: Stamford vs. Westhill

So Kevin and I checked out the Stamford-Westhill boys' basketball game last night. After reading the Advocate's account of last week's sold-out Stamford-Trinity Catholic game, I was kind of disappointed by the lack of energy or school spirit at this game. Most of the kids were talking to each other, talking on their cell phones or texting. I guess part of that stems from Westhill having a terrible year, as opposed to the prior game's matchup of unbeaten teams. Plus, when I was a student at good old Northport (NY) High, every game against Commack was a big rivalry game, regardless of either team's record.

The basketball itself was so-so (though I'm far from an expert on high school sports). Stamford's point guard was speedy and could handle the ball pretty well, two-sport star Chris Evans was quick and strong, and both teams showed a lot of toughness -- diving for loose balls, fighting for rebounds, etc. The scoring started out verrryyyy slowly, but then Stamford kicked into high gear and started throwing down some solid dunks.

The "highlight" of the game was when the stands pretty much cleared out - onto the court - because of a brewing scuffle in the crowd. The cops quickly moved in and pulled one student out of the crowd.

It wasn't as fun as the Stamford football game I saw earlier this year, but if Stamford and Trinity meet again in the playoffs, I'll definitely be there.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The worst thing EVER

I am just in shock, utter shock. I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond the other night and when I made my purchase with one of those ubiquitous 20% off coupons, the cashier told me that they would soon stop accepting expired ones! This is a travesty!! I'm going to write my congressman.

In their defense, they're probably tired of giving a 20% discount on every single item in the freakin' store. After all, who doesn't have a six-inch pile of those coupons stashed away somewhere?

Well, use 'em while they're hot, because pretty soon you'll have to pay full price for that yourmassaging slippers and panini maker.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stamford vs. Trinity Catholic - who's coming??

The undefeated Black Knights of Stamford High face off in boys basketball against the equally undefeated Crusaders of Trinity Catholic tomorrow night at Stamford High. It should be a big, loud, fun time! Who wants to go??

Monday, February 2, 2009

Where's Joe Clark when you need him?

The Advocate is reporting on fights at Stamford High that sent one kid to the ICU and left another needing surgery. Here's the article.

Not to make light of these serious injuries, but expect local outrage/panic over our out-of-control kids in 3...2...1...

Maybe Joe Clark and Bobby V can team up to maintain order in the school. They can themselves Batman and Other Batman.