Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Would you like a pierogi with your baguette?

It's an international free-for-all here in Stamford!  First up is the Ukrainian festival at St. Basil's College on Glenbrook Road.  It takes place on Sunday, September 14, at 11 AM.  The festival will feature music, dancing, food, crafts for sale, and more!  For more information, check out the festival's Facebook page: Connecticut Ukrainian Day Festival.

Parlez vous Franglais? is a new social/dating event with an interesting premise: Guests have several 12-minute conversations - six minutes in English, and six minutes in French.  I've heard that a bawdy Frenchman showed up for the first gathering and started teaching the other participants all the choicest dirty French words!  The next one will take place on September 23 or 24 at Bar Rosso, so keep checking their website to confirm and to RSVP.

My French is worse than Clark Griswold's, but if someone starts up an English/German Oktoberfest event, I'm there!