Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's true! Parking lots ARE the Devil!

Angela Carella's latest column is about the nightmare that is the Ridgeway parking lot, which I ranted about in this post from March: I'm back! And parking lots are the Devil!

Even more good news!  There's still no money to replace the sixth circle of Hell the Stamford train station parking garage!  Here's the article, courtesy of Stamford Patch.

As my holiday gift to you, my dear reader(s), here are a few parking tips/rants from the comments on my original post:

Target: I get around that annoying $1 parking fee whenever possible by parking on the street after 6 PM or on Sunday or in the Summer Street garage before 5:00 on weekends.

Darien Whole Foods: I love pulling into the parking lot and seeing Escalades and other SUVs in the fuel-efficient vehicle spots.  Even worse (and more ballsy) is when you see a giant Range Rover in one of the PLUG-IN CAR SPACES.  If you park a gas-guzzler in a plug-in spot, you clearly want the world to know that you just don't give a damn.  And that you deserve a tire iron through your headlights.

Happy holidays, everybody!!  See you in 2012, if the world doesn't end!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

President Clinton at Barrett Bookstore this Friday!

That's right - former President Bill Clinton will be at my favorite independent bookstore for a signing this Friday from 12 to 2.  For more information, check out Barrett Bookstore's event page.

I'd love to be there, but I'm planning to wait in line for Snooki's book signing in the parking lot of the Caldor where she works.