Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Papapocalypse is upon us

If this is an omen of the culinary future for Stamford, then I hope the world does end on December 21st.  With more than 50 other, better, and most importantly, locally-owned pizza places to choose from, why would anyone go to this corporate cardboard factory?

You could literally shoot at a map of Stamford with this classic Ninja Turtles toy and hit a better pizza place.  Heck, you'd be better off shooting one of these plastic pizzas into your mouth than eating at Papa John's.


Please, people, I beg you not to give any of your pizza money to Papa John's millionaire, private-golf-course-having CEO.  Spend it at one of the fine mom-and-pop establishments in town.  Check out the Stamford Pizza Tour site for a nearly complete list.