Monday, January 30, 2012

Great, more $2500 apartments

I've ranted before about the never-ending parade of luxury apartments being built in Stamford, but I guess nobody's listening.  With Park Square West, converted office buildings, the horribly-named "Summer House," more housing at Harbor Point, and whatever will rise from the former Advocate site all in various stages of gestation, there won't be a shortage of places where granite-counter-loving UBSers can live and laugh at the rest of us.

Being the well-connected blogger that I am, I managed to get an exclusive list of amenities that some of these new developments will offer:
  • personal horse stalls for Arabian stallions (included)
  • hand-woven Egyptian cotton sheets, plus real Egyptians to re-weave them while you're at work
  • in-house Starbucks with delivery
  • full-time shoe shine on each floor
  • weekly visits from local celebrities: Bobby Valentine, Bennett Salvatore, Justin Long, John Mayer
  • free unlimited use of rooftop helipads
At least Angela Carella knows where I'm coming from: Who is welcome to the 'new' Stamford?

Don't even get me started on BLT's blatant disregard for the city's rules.