Monday, October 27, 2008

R.I.P. Video Hut

Well, the last mom-and-pop video store in Stamford is no more.

North Stamford Video on Long Ridge Road and Videoplex on Bedford Street have been gone for years, but Video Hut held on. Maybe it was their corner location. Maybe it was because their "behind-the-curtain" selection was pretty good ( I'm told).

Blockbuster bludgeoned these stores, but Netflix was the final nail in the coffin. In a twist of fate, Blockbuster is now on the receiving end of Netflix's sword and may close a bunch of stores.

The worst part (besides the employees losing their jobs and the owners going out of business) is that I had no idea it was closing, so I missed out on buying their used videos for pennies :( When Blockbuster killed the local store in my hometown, I got a bunch of horror movies for $2 each. Score!


Stamford Talk said...

What? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (That was a scream.) Not only did I like that store, I also am horrified I did not know about a chance to get cheap DVDs.
I posted Video Hut praise about a year ago (when I was still organized enough and disciplined enough to be succinct):
"Video Hut's Virtues: Like the Early 90's" I hope it's not bad form to link to one's blog in a comment.
Anyway, SOS, thanks for the heads up up Video Hut, even tho it's bad news.
I have to admit, I have not been to a video store since we got Apple TV. Pretty bad selection, but I'm waiting for Xbox/Netflix rental thing to start.

Kevin McKeever said...

Video Hut's been closed at least two months. But now you can park guilt free in its back lot when you go to the State Cinema.

I think Critics Choice video up the street in the Dunkin' Donuts/CVS shopping plaza may still be open, though.

Streets of Stamford said...
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