Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting buzzed at Bradford's

Junk mail. It's like the common cold: you can't get away from it, so you just push on through and hope for death. Or sleep. Or at least to make your spouse sick so you'll have someone to share your misery with.

OK, back to junk mail. The only reason I don't immediately burn my junk mail while it's still in the mailbox is because sometimes you get coupons, and I love coupons. I have coupons for Subway, Ocha, Athens Pizza and others. Name a Stamford restaurant and I probably have a coupon for it (or a gift certificate - trust me, check these out).

Back to junk mail again. I got a "Stamford Community Buzz" circular in the mail the other day and my initial giddiness turned to annoyance when I noticed a few problems with the front page.

It's hard to make out details in this image, so I went ahead and blew them up.

Exhibit A:

It's not the smoking angels that bother me. It's not even the period outside the quote (which is technically correct; they do it that way in England). It's the UNNECESSARY APOSTROPHE in Friend's. I cannot express how much I hate this. WHY do people feel the need to add an apostrophe to a plural noun?? On what planet does this make sense?? It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. I know college-educated people who consistently do this (along with "your welcome" - WTF??).

But it gets worse. Much worse.

Exhibit B:
Not only does every day of the week now have a *&^%ING APOSTROPHE, but on Wednesdays, with the "purchas" of any beverage, you get $ .25 cent wings. Each wing is one-quarter of one cent. What a deal! I should bring this ad into Bradford's and hold them to this price to get 400 wings for one dollar. If I'm still hungry, I'll come back on Thursday for some $1 tacos "while supplises last."

I hate you, Bradford's. Even your Friday free buffet "begining" at 5:00 won't help.

And to the publisher of this circular: I will copy-edit your ads FREE OF CHARGE. Call me. Please.


Mr. Z said...

I did enjoy that circular...will have to go back and read Bradford's awesome ad again for kicks. I refuse to patronize Bradford's, but that's a morality tale for another day...

At least there were discounts offered at many of Stamford's dining establishments. Discounts in times like this are appreciated.

mr overnight said...

How do you get on the list... would love to receive if only for giggles

Stamford Talk said...

WHAT? Morality tale? Do tell!

Heh Heh. JR, I am so glad someone else is as anal as me about grammar. I try to let it all just roll off my back, or else it's too disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Noticed the numerous errors, too. I've found that, since the popularity of the internet has increased, I see many more bastardized apostrophizations (is that even a real word?), and the decline in the proper use of to and too; your and you're; and there, they're and their.

Now it's starting to creep into mainstream media. I saw a scroll on CNN with an improper "it's" the other week.

But I'm more curious about the Bradford's story. I've been there several times (not for about a year, though), and have found them to be on the better end of bar-food with average service - so nothing to complain about from me.

Julie said...

I just got my Buzz in the mail today and pointed out the apostrophes to HB....we laughed.

Mr. Z said...

Let's just say that if I ever had to hang out at Bradford's, I'd be sure to pay for everything in cash...

gms said...

I do not mind the smoking angels. In fact, I find them perversely cute.

Grammar and punctuation, as well, has never interfered with my drinking, so I can empatize, but only in the abstract.

I love that place. If only because it is a neighborhood bar that does not cater to the neighborhood.

It is one of the few places where I feel completely comfortable in this town of silly, self-important suits and pretentious gourmands.

That and the lovely Carla make my time there lots of fun.

But I'd be interested to know why I seem to be alone on this here.

Streets of Stamford said...

GMS: I actually like Bradford's. Like you said, it's not a pretentious snobfest nor a meathead haven. Their food is good, they have two electronic dartboards, Golden Tee and a deer hunting video game. This horribly spelled circular just rattled my cage. :)

Mr. Z said...

A lot of people I know like Bradford's, it's one of the usual haunts for my coworkers when they are looking for a happy hour spot, pretty much for all the reasons that JR mentions above.

I'm an anti-social elitist, so the fact that I don't trust Bradford's and prefer not to give them my business doesn't really seem to be bothering my colleagues. ;-)

gms said...

Very sorry to hear about the credit card fiasco, hope it was not too painful. I always pay cash but everybody else seems to leave cards with the bar without incident. I have to believe it was the anomoly.

I feel the need to promote this place, because it could fail, and I need a place to hang.

The owner opened it as an anti-elitist place, and because it provides coverage for his son, who has an apparently pre-existing medical condition. I respect that, and like the guy, even though his politics seem to be only a little to the left of Il Duce.

So forgive the shameless promotion, I'm not associated with the place, but I do have a serious interest in seeing it do very well.

Manager Mom said...

Oh - I HATE HATE HATE apostrophe abuse.

You should check out "The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks" - brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog by way of the internet and will now become a regular reader.

Your sense of humor and penchant for proper spelling and grammar are right up my alley!