Friday, December 26, 2008

Stamford traditions

Taking a cue from my buddies at Stamford Talk and Blog Stamford, I wanted to compile a year-end list of something, but since I only launched Streets of Stamford this year, I don't have enough back posts to make a list. So instead, and in no particular order, here are some Stamford traditions and whether or not I've done them.

Colony Pizza (check!)
I've been there twice, and it's good pizza, but far from the greatest thing I've ever tasted; then again, I'm from Long Island, where the pizza is second only to NYC's. They do have some cool varieties like the Stinger (hot peppers and spicy oil), which goes great with a cold mug of beer.

Stamford vs. Westhill (not yet)
I know not everyone is into high school sports, but there's nothing like a local rivalry for excitement and fun. I missed this year's football game, so I'm shooting for basketball or hockey, and because I live right near SHS, I guess I'm rooting for the Black Knights!

The revolving restaurant atop the Marriott (check!)
It's closed now, but I ate at this restaurant when it was Vuli. The food was very good and the revolving floor was nice (though it made it hard to find your table after visiting the restroom!). However, I guess they were going for views of the Sound, because it faces the South End, which is less picturesque than the other end of Stamford (at least for now).

See the balloon parade (check!)
Extra credit: be in the balloon parade (check!)
Partial credit: see Santa rappel from Landmark Square (check!)
I was a balloon handler two years ago and it was AWESOME! Check out my pictures from beneath a Rescue Heroes firefighter:

Dairy Queen (check!)
If it's warm enough, the DQ on Summer Street opens in February!!

Pellicci's (not yet)
Pellicci's is the very definition of a Stamford landmark. According to local legend, it was opened in 1497 by one of Columbus' cooks. Another legend says that they once tried to demolish the building, but every bulldozer they used had its bucket snapped off on contact with the building. They say that all the other Italian restaurants in Stamford were born when the chef from Pellicci's walked around town delivering samples and bits of his food fell on the ground like acorns. Every mayor since 1903 has held his or her inauguration there, and Joe Lieberman loves Pellicci's so much that he eats their prosciutto on Yom Kippur.

Honorable mention list:
Fort Stamford
Stamford Museum & Nature Center
Stamford Observatory
Seeing a play at Curtain Call

Past traditions:
Stamford Theatre Works


I haven't lived here that long, so I'm sure there are traditions I don't know about. Please add any others in the comments!

Happy New Year, everybody!!


irenesbooks said...

Um, Stamford Theatre Works has gone broke and out of business ...

Streets of Stamford said...

D'oh! Thanks, Irene. I've moved STW to "past traditions."

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this is still tradition, but big in the 80's and 90's was - go to Curley's between 2:00AM-4:00AM. Not the best diner in the world - but it used to be the only game in town at those hours.

My more recent tradition is buying books at Ferguson - $1 paperbacks and $2 hardcovers.

I'm hoping a future tradition will be Fairway Market!

patty said...

I love the picture of the Rescue Hero reflected off the building.

Have you had pancakes at Lakeside Diner? Hiked in Mianus River Park?

Streets of Stamford said...

I haven't had Lakeside pancakes yet, but I have hiked in Mianus Park.

I also thought of a few more traditions: the model train show at St. John's Episcopal and shopping at Bongiorno's (in the past).

Streets of Stamford said...

UPDATE: The wife and I had pancakes at Lakeside Diner, and OH...MY...GOODNESS. I'm not usually one to get hyperbolic about food, but they were amazing. Crunchy edges and a perfectly rich center. Wow.

patty said...

JR, I'll always steer you right

Manager Mom said...

This is not a tradition yet, but we had New Year's Eve dinner at Brasitas on rt 1, and I would have to say this is my new favorite Stamford restaurant. Displacing even Napa & Co.