Monday, November 23, 2009

The Great Shop-Rite Caper

I was reading the public notices in the paper the other day to see if any abandoned glue factories were on the foreclosure market so I could buy one and use it as a base from which to launch my overly elaborate plot to take over Stamford - a plot that would be foiled by either Batman or a bunch of meddling kids - when I saw this interesting notice:

The area in question is the Grade A Shop-Rite on Shippan Avenue, and the owners have received approval to change its zoning from a C-N or "Neighborhood Business" to a C-B or "Community Business."

I called the Zoning Department and left a message inquiring about the difference between the two, but got no response.

What can this mean? Will Grade A succeed in its diabolical scheme to sell mind-controlling produce? Will the Dynamic Duo of Pavia and Tarzia save the day??

Tune in next week...same Streets time...same Streets channel!!


Anonymous said...


C-N and C-B seem to allow the same uses for the most part, but C-B allows 4 stories while C-N only allows 2.
Perhaps they are considering redeveloping?

JT said...

i think just need more storage room and the zoning doesn't allow for building out across more of the property.

i am interested to learn more about this plot...

Unknown said...

Well they have to submit a plan and when they do, I will know about it!