Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mr. Stamford moves across the Pond?

Over at Mr. Stamford's old site, which has been untended for quite some time, a new owner has taken over and is reconstructing the site. Based on the small Flickr sampling on the right, the new owner appears to be from Jolly Old England, where one of their cities plaigiarized our city's name. The audacity!

Then again, I've always wanted to visit Belmesthorpe, Little Casterton and Uffington. Does Metro-North stop there?


Kevin McKeever said...

Tickencote is pretty happening.

Olly Murs said...

what a shame. mr stamford started out so well then ran out of steam. i suppose the novelty wore off.

the new site is a realtor site so will be pretty dull

Streets of Stamford said...

The worst part is that the new Mr. Stamford left me off his list of local blogs! BURNED!

Scott said...

Maybe he's put off by your radical opinions on cheese shops. You're rocking the boat and the man just can't take the heat.