Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mysterious van seen around town

Be on the lookout for a windowless white van driving around Stamford offering tasty food. Here's a picture:

How awesome is this?? They have a ton of great products that they'll deliver right to your door every Saturday! You can't beat the value of their Winter Weekly Farmers' Box for $18 or $24. They even have products from Wave Hill Breads, which is the most amazing bread you will ever taste.


Jeff said...

The white van has competition. Search for CTFFE on google. It is CT farm fresh express. You order by Tuesday and they deliver on Friday in this area. The best part is you pick and choose exactly what you want on their site.

Silli said...

Thanks for the info. Ultimately, I think these delivery services are the best solution for distributing local goods without inconveniencing the farmer and customer. And isn't this how we used to get our milk way back when? :)

I love that we are finally getting some competition--options--for local produce in Stamford. Our choices are:

Stamford CSA: $485 for 24 week season, which works out to $20/week to feed a family of 4. Pick up required Wednesday 4-6. I believe registration for 2010 is still open. $29/week including shipping for a "family" box of veg, with options to purchase eggs, dairy, and meat at reasonable prices. Delivers Saturdays and you can suspend your share if you're away. Winter vegetables are from "further afield," whatever that means. Delivery charge from East Haddam to Stamford is $15. You place a new order every week for veg, dairy, eggs, meat, flowers, etc. Prices seem comparable to what you pay for premium items at a farmers market. Availability of items is updated every week. They deliver on Fridays. This seems the poshest of the three options.

I did the CSA last year but I think this season I will try to hit the regional farmers markets more often, use the new Darien Whole Foods, and maybe try out once they start having local veggies.

RJS3566 said...

The website says that they have closed.

Silli said...

Yes, has closed up shop. That is a bummer.