Monday, June 21, 2010

This is DEFINITELY going on the fridge!

Check it out - my post about Stamford's fading ads is now a front-page story in the Advocate!

I always promised myself that I wouldn't let fame go to my head, so please, no autographs.

OK, if you really want one, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address on your screen.

And here's the older post mentioned in the article,
about the dead spots in downtown: Downtown Stamford is Dead.


patty said...

Congratulations, JR! I just saw the story on The Advocate's site. Very, very cool.

Scott said...

Nice! Good to see The Advocate piggybacking off of people that care about what they write. I wish they did a little more than gloss over your observation that downtown Stamford is full of empty craters.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Well done, biotch!

Kevin McKeever said...

As your agent for this deal, I expect 20 percent.

Irene said...

Excellent! And that'll learn me to look at your blog more often! ;-)

Stamford Talk said...

Awesome! Hope you got a bunch of hits from the great publicity!