Friday, August 20, 2010

Brain teasers for while I'm away

Since I'm sure you'll miss me while I'm away next week, here are some brain teasers!

1) Two CVS's (CVSes?) are about to open in our fair city, and I've noticed something strange about their signage: the word "pharmacy" is covered up.

Why is that? It's obviously some legal thing, but what exactly? Why does "pharmacy" have to be obscured, but "CVS" is OK? Is it to prevent Vicodin addicts from lining up outside before the store is even open?

2) Why are the waterwalls at the train station dry? To save money? They were one of the few pleasant aesthetic touches at an otherwise drab and unwelcoming facility.

3) Why is there a replica Mississippi River-style steamboat docked off of Canal Street?

4) Why did we get FOUR phone books the other day? Who still uses phone books?

5) What the heck does this banner at Prospect Market mean?

What are "New Jersey prices"?? Do you get a free bottle of self-tanner with every purchase?

The first person to correctly answer each brain teaser wins a prize*! Extra points for cleverness!

*Prize may just be a hug.


Rob said...

1. They don't have their petmit from the state to operate a pharmacy at those locations yet.
2. Summer water restrictions required ornamental fountains to be turned off.
3. No clue.
4. Because companies are still dumb enough to buy ads in them. Only people without computers.
5. Don't know, but if a gas station had that sign up the line would be down the street.

Amanda said...

Walgreens on East Main had the same "Pharmacy" mask while under construction and before it opened. I always assumed it was because of addicts trying to break in.
Re: NJ Prices, I don't know what it means, but I want some.

CTMel said...

My husband and I have been puzzling over the "New Jersey Prices" banner for weeks.

Kevin McKeever said...

The steamboat looks like the one that used to docked in Greenwich on Steamboat Road by what was then the Steamboat Inn. Think it's now the Greenwich Harbor Inn.

Anonymous said...

NJ prices for Indian groceries are among the lowest around (or have the reputation of being the lowest).

Streets of Stamford said...

Hmm...I'm going to have to investigate these "New Jersey prices" and report back.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Great post!

Rob said...

I just heard about a concert on the Annabel Lee.

Streets of Stamford said...
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Streets of Stamford said...

Really? That would be fun. The Annabel Lee was (is?) based in Richmond, VA, but I don't know why it's docked here in Stamford. Here are two links I found about it:

It's also for sale! (Or was at some point.)