Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fairway food fiesta!

As I'm writing this, I'm still stuffed. Last night I was lucky enough to enjoy the culinary stylings of Mitchel London and Dan Glickberg at our local Fairway Market. Mitchel is Fairway’s Chef de Cuisine and runs the cafĂ© at their 74th Street flagship store, and Dan is a fourth-generation member of the founding family. You can see them do their thing on WNBC's LXTV New York every Wednesday between 4:30 and 5:00, as well as on

On this occasion, they were making caesar salad, ribeye steak with seventeen cloves of garlic, and bananas foster.

Some notable quotes from Mitchel:
- On the steak: "You can use 13 or 15 cloves of garlic, but always an odd number. It looks better."
- On bananas foster: "I love butter. And I love butter with sugar." "It's bananas, butter and sugar; what's not to like?"

I'll shut up now and let the pictures tell the story.

Mitchel (left) and Dan.

Crunchy Caesar goodness.



And after! Mmm...garlic...

Flambéing the bananas, which Mitchel expressly told everyone not to do (for legal reasons).

The final product with a heaping scoop of ice cream, naturally!

The chefs at their newest, most awesome location!

Here are the recipes so you can enjoy them at home!

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