Friday, March 9, 2012

Pleased to meat you

I was planning on making all you carnivores happy by posting about the new Rodizio Grill underneath Target, but Stamford Notes beat me to it.

Then I was going to write about Station Eats in the Landmark Square plaza, but OmNomCT beat me to that one.

Next idea: write about the Fairway experts that will be in the Stamford store this Saturday from 11-3!  Darn it, Stamford Notes already posted it!  How is she doing this??  Didn't she just have a baby??  You're supposed to nap when the baby naps!!

Anyway, with the additions of Station Eats, Rodizio Grill, Dinosaur BBQ, Five Guys and Bar-Q (from the people behind Bobby Q's Bodacious BBQ & Grill), we won't be lacking for delicious meat around here.  How did I get barbecue sauce and cornbread all over my keyboard??  I think I need a moist towelette.

PS: Why are they removing three definitely-not-dead trees next to the library on Bedford Street??


AK said...

They're probably redoing the sidewalks. Stamford has a strange obsession with cutting mature trees to replace concrete.

Kevin McKeever said...

You could write about Rico's Pizza going in a Newfield Green. Outside of a Tweet by the Advocate, haven't seen anything about that.

Daniel Del Ferraro said...

It's hard to get a leg up when there are so many great writers and bloggers around, let alone the papers. :) You just kinda take what you can get and do an awesome job with it. Sorry about taking away Station Eats. You should still totally post on it. It's always good to get new views and experiences, you know?

Streets of Stamford said...

Don't sweat it, Dan! I was just joking. You guys do a great job; heck, your review of Station Eats made me even more excited to check it out!